RRB&T’s Insurance Adjuster Continuing Education (CE) School Overview

RRB&T is approved by the Florida Department of Financial Services as a provider for continuing education courses for insurance professionals.

School Instructors

RRB&T’s Insurance Adjuster CE Instructors, Lyman H. Reynolds and Benjamin L. Bedard, utilize their over 40 years of combined insurance defense litigation experience to deliver a curriculum designed to help insurance professionals meet mandatory requirements, and stay current on the law governing their area of licensure. Our instructors make each course come to life with interactive Microsoft PowerPoint presentations and are delighted to answer the questions of even the most inquisitive professional.

Lyman H. Reynolds, Jr., Esq.

Benjamin L. Bedard, Esq.

Laura E. Bedard, Esq.


Bad Faith Insurance Practices
Adjuster Ethics – Course Number 69466
Six (6) CE hours

Liquor Liability
Adjuster Law & Policy – Course Number 69467
Five (5) CE hours

Uninsured Motorist
Adjuster Law & Policy – Course Number 69468
Six (6) CE hours

Ethical Construction Defect Litigation
Three (3) CE hours (Ethics)
Adjuster Ethics – Course Number 77377

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RRB&T is proud to provide a diverse curriculum which focuses on our instructors’ strengths, Adjuster Law, Policy, and Ethics.

Our shortest course – Liquor Liability – provides a brief overview of the evolution of liquor liability law in general, and then specifically focuses in on Florida’s liquor law. This course addresses both civil and criminal liability and concludes with useful real-life tips on potential ways to limit your liability. This course provides five (5) Adjuster Law & Policy credit hours.

Our most popular course – Uninsured Motorist Insurance – provides an in-depth look at uninsured motorist insurance law in Florida and discusses hypothetical scenarios at applying the law in order to provide students of this course with the practical experience necessary to utilize this knowledge once they leave the RRB&T course. This course provides six (6) Adjuster Law & Policy credit hours.

If you need those hard to get adjuster ethics credits, then our course in Bad Faith Insurance Practices is the course for you. Providing six (6) credit hours, Bad Faith Insurance Practices is the only RRB&T course in adjuster ethics. This course begins by discussing an insurer’s general duty to act in good faith, and then delves into the specific duties of the insurer. This course strives to cover the various bad faith claim scenarios to which an insurer potentially exposes itself, and after identifying the possible pitfalls, provides practical solutions to address these problems while limiting exposure.

The Ethical Construction Defect Litigation course is designed to enable our adjusters to understand some of the intricacies of Ethical Construction Litigation in Florida. The Course begins with a brief overview of the pretrial procedure for construction law in Florida and transitions into a discussion about what constitutes a construction defect and Florida law regarding notice and an opportunity to cure. The Course then delves into an in depth discussion of indemnity provisions in Florida construction contracts and ends with drafting tips on how to properly draft indemnity provisions in Florida construction contracts to avoid problems down the road.

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