Local Government

Attorneys: Benjamin L. Bedard and Danna P. Clement.

Summary: This matter arose out of an accident between a vehicle owned by our client and a train. Presuit, Mr. Bedard and Ms. Clement contacted potential claimants who were aboard the train and worked with the attorneys representing the alleged injured parties. The owners of the train itself, which sustained significant property damage exceeding $2,000,000, also were making a claim and threatening litigation. Over several months, medical records and bills were collected from those claimants who were injured and were making bodily injury claims.  Once compiled, all of the bodily injury claims were categorized by the significance of the injuries sustained and the amount of medical bills incurred in order to evaluate those claims for settlement purposes.

Settlement: Facing exposure in excess of $3,500,000, Mr. Bedard and Ms. Clement were able to settle all claims during a one-day global settlement conference for $300,000.

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